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InnoCherche Mission

InnoCherche, your solution for a transverse innovation watch on new usages.

InnoCherche announces a new and different Innovation trophy
… where the sponsors have to take ACTION :

InnoCherche thank all those who participated in the first edition of TEDxIssylesMoulineaux.

InnoCherche is a non-profit business innovation network which focuses not on new technologies them selves but on new usages emerging thanks to these technologies.

To understand our decision on a transverse innovation watch on usages , discover : “Urgent, changez de business model !

InnoCherche’s mission is to help C level executive to :

– Better anticipate the potential disruption in their actual business model, which generally comes from the fringe…
– And to define their defensive and offensive action plan

The InnoCherche members are all passionate about innovation, about how innovation impacts behaviors in business, and how it might disrupt business models and management modes if transposed from one market/ecosystem to the next.

InnoCherche organizes and animates 7 Think-Tanks which meet every month for a unique, transverse innovation watch on 7 topics: Digital Commerce, New Business Models, E-health, E-education, Big Data, Open Innovation and Management 2.0. (See program below and report on our Blog).

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Events InnoCherche

Each week InnoCherche organizes workshops for Ambassadors and SOCI. Do not hesitate to sign up to get an idea to share your expertise or introduce you to intelligence tools innovation.

Thursday, November 13 (9.30-11.30) : Think Tank Open Innovation
Club Melcion pour l’Entrepreneur – 1 rue André Gide 75015 Paris
Tuesday, November 18 (8.30-10.30) : Media launch of the Innovation Trophy InnoCherche
Club Melcion pour l’Entrepreneur – 1 rue André Gide 75015 Paris
Wednesday, November 19 (8.30-10.30) : Think Tank Big Data
Update Software France S.A.R.L. 7 rue du Général Foy 75008 Paris
Tuesday, November 25 (8.30-10.30) : Think Tank Education
Edunao, 26 rue de Naples 75008 Paris
Wednesday, November 26 (8.30-10.30) : Think Tank e-Santé
Friday, November 28 (8.30-10.30) : Think Tank Management 2.0
Club Melcion pour l’Entrepreneur – 1 rue André Gide 75015 Paris

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Our partner Le Monde Après

Their meetings are open to Ambassadors InnoCherche.
To view the calendar and know how to apply :


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Shows and Events

To feed your innovation network, scour the showroom, meet experts, start-ups, colleagues … InnoCherche suggests some links :

Les InnO’vents
Chambre de Commerce de Paris


After your visit, come and share your findings during a workshop InnoCherche, participating in our Think Tanks or by publishing a post on the blog InnoCherche.


Our association has chosen to publish his work in a logical standby open to all and a Creative Commons (CC) mind.